Monday, July 30, 2007

Back in Business

What can I say, it's good to be back. Apologies to all those who missed me (don't all step forward at once), as I've been traveling around this Great Land of Ours for the better part of the month, taking an invigorating post-Draft hiatus. Now I'm back, and my oh my, what does Marc Stein have for us today? That's right: according to Stein and ever-present "NBA front-office sources," the C's and the T-Wolves have re-opened the mythical Kevin Garnett trade talks, and apparently things are moving forward in a hurry. KG is supposedly warming to the idea of playing in Da Bean now that Ainge & Co. have acquired Ray Allen and shown they're serious about turning this thing around (or so the story goes). The deal that's rumored to be on the table is absolutely immense: Big Al, Theo Ratliff's Contract, Tonz-o-Gunz Telfair and Gerald Green, plus untold draft picks, all for one man who's arguably the most dynamic and versatile big man in the NBA.

Truthfully I need some time to process this. Make no mistake: this would be an insane trade, the work of two thoroughly maniacal GMs who've obviously lost any sense of caution or restraint they once had. The only question is whether it's insane in a good way (Gilbert Arenas) or insane in a bad way (Ron Artest). I mean, the Celtics are trading about a quarter of their roster here, and giving up both Big Al and Gerald could be seen as an emphatically rash fuck-you to the "youth movement" we've been hearing so much about. Also, with Garnett almost certain to demand an extension as part of the trade, all of a sudden we're sinking insane money into three guys squarely on the wrong side of 30.

But... Kevin Garnett is Kevin Garnett, as noted many times previously in this space. I can't say I'm not intrigued, and Marc Stein is right that if this goes through there's no way we don't contend for the Eastern Conference title NEXT YEAR. And that's definitely worth something. How the fuck you'd stand by with a straight face while Doc Rivers tries to coach this team, I have no idea. Think Rajon Rondo's a little nervous right now? Naaaaaaaah.


tim said...

the herald is reporting the deal is done - gomes is involved as well, there's also rumors of a $125 million extension - needless to say, let's wait a while before we say anything definitive

Mike said...

I love this trade, for all the talk of him being old he's been a ironman out there every year of his career through last season 76 games 22 points/13 boards/4 assists/1 block/1 steal a game.

This accomplishes two things:

1) The Celtics are once again relevant in Boston and the NBA again

2) We become a destination for players to go to. Yes we have no money, but aging vets (think Grant Hill to PHX) will tak less if it means a shot at a ring. We could definitely lure experience role players for the veteran's minimum now.

The Fox said...

Danny may have saved his job, but he really IS insane. Any clue at how thin this roster is now?? I like the idea of three all stars, but even the weakeast top level teams have veterans on the bench who can do more than wave towels.

Tony Allen is not ready.

Perkins won't play more than 20-25 minutes a night.

Scal is Scal.

Other than that, you've got Rondo, who needs a backup, and rookies and second-years.

One guy who may benefity immensely here is Leon Powe...