Friday, February 1, 2008

Western Fore

Last night's game said alot as to who the Celtics are, but I don't think I'm going to write about it right now, saying much of it has already been written. But let me say that was a very good game last night, a nice victory for sure. The most positive acknowledgement I can make from the last week is that the C's are good even without Garnett. Their defense was excellent last night, as it had been for the previous two games minus KG. We have to give massive props to Tommy Thibodeau. Like Jim O'Brien before him, he has this team believing in defense. We have completely missed that in all the previous Glenn years, and as much as we want to give Garnett tremendous credit, I am ready to give huge props to Thibodeau. This guy is not just a good defensive coach, he is a great one.

The undeniable value of Posey was on full display against the Mavs, in my mind he is a darkhorse candidate for sixth man of the year. He has an option to get out of his deal after the season, as does Thibodeau. Yikes. Despite the fact that Posey was clearly the best matchup on Nowitzki, Scal started and played 17 mirthless minutes (0 points, 0 rebounds, 2 assists.) Glenn's cruel joke continues. Meanwhile a 4-5 combo of Posey and Powe is as gutsy as it comes - and also as small. It will be interesting to see if they pair together more, I have been wrong when I doubted those two in the past. Big Baby did not play again.

After watching a well played contest between the Mavs and the C's, the Spurs-Suns game took me slightly aback. In my mind TNT had the four best teams in the NBA on TV last night. While Boston and Dallas looked inspired, the same could not be said for either San Antonio or Phoenix. They just looked grizzled. And there is something to take from this - the season is long, especially for hardened veteran teams. Sometimes you have to just gut it out, that's all you can do. TNT's night cap was all about that, and yes, I still think either the Suns or Spurs will win the Championship in 2008. So praise be to these spunky Celtics, they have done nothing wrong, but they must do more prolonged good to get into the hallows.


Ben Guest said...

Powe should be starting, Perk coming off the bench, and Scal cheering everyone on.

Tim said...

the lakers just got gasol,64793