Tuesday, February 26, 2008


In one final late late show to close out the West Coast swing, the Celtics pounded the old-look Clippers last night, 104-76. This one was never really a contest and probably never should have been, considering that the Clippers are 19-35 this year and were missing both Chris Kaman and Sam Cassell. For the C's, James Posey managed to tap his inner Alex English, pouring in 17 points in only 21 minutes. Pierce added 17 as well. Ray Allen was the only Celtic to play more than 30 minutes. Generally this felt like an exhibition game, and I fear my apathy over trying to immortalize it in print it is practically visceral.

In markedly more exciting--though still Clipper-related--news, ESPN.com is reporting that the aforementioned Sam Cassell is currently in buyout talks with the lesser Los Angeles franchise, which should increase the already healthy levels of speculation regarding his donning of the Green. This would have to happen soon, as apparently after Saturday (3/1) if the buyout hasn't been reached, Sam I Am wouldn't be eligible for the playoffs, which I think we can all agree is the primary motivation here, not simply his desire to watch "Sox Appeal" on NESN come Spring (is that bullshit coming back? If so, shoot me in the face). I've gone on record as declaring my desire for Cassell to come play here, and wholeheartedly repeat that assertion here. Honestly, the worst this team has looked this season were probably the games that Rondo missed, which is a somewhat frightening thought come April.

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for some home games.

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shak said...

Cassell still thinks he's a great player. No way he plays a supporting role without being a disruption. With the weak coach we have, be careful what you wish for.