Thursday, May 24, 2007

The day after the day after

I'm going to keep this post relatively short, under the assumption that this space is probably going to be pretty heavy on draft-related obsessing over the next month or so. That having been said: this is truly awful. Not only is the fifth pick quite literally the worst case scenario, it also throws a massive wrench into trying to strategize a draft that's insanely deep but entirely up-in-the-air in terms of star potential. I'd like to see us get Brandan Wright but who knows if he'll be there at 5? And even if he is, does he contribute right away? Probably not. Guys like Horford and Brewer are probably ready to step in and make some sort of difference, but Horford's basically another Big Al and picking Brewer would mean either trading Pierce or giving up on Gerald, as noted before. Yi Jianlian? God I hope not... we hear Ainge has some hang-ups about foreign players that might keep him from making that pick. Though he has shown a tremendous affinity for guys who can't legally drink and are "several years away from contributing." I think you seriously lean toward making a trade... hope some crrrrrrazy GM falls in love with Yi and makes an irresponsible trade for the fifth pick. Someone get McHale on the horn and offer up Gerald, the number five and Theo's expiring deal for Garnett. Someone do this now.

Also, it's time for ownership to spend some money, or at least act like they're even thinking about it. A close associate and I were discussing this yesterday, and said associate made the observation that to the best of both of our recollection the Celtics have never made a truly meaningful free agent signing. At least since the late 1980s. Dominique? Xavier McDaniel?? Veal Scalabrine??? Jesus. Here's hoping Detroit plays it fast and loose with Billups like they did with Wallace and we just back a dumptruck full of cash up to his house and give him the keys to the castle. Chauncey Billups would be the greatest thing to happen to Rajon Rondo since Doc decided to play him 35 minutes a night while intentionally losing games. Something tells me Billups isn't exactly going to jump at the opportunity to come to Boston, though. If only there was some way we could have drafted him...

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Mike said...

Well put...I think that the team as well as the fan base is ready to win now. The Minnesota scenario would be great, I'd love to see Garnett and Pierce take on the Leastern Conference together, even if it meant giving up on Jefferson and the 5. As far as Danny's infatuation with Yi, it is sorta reminicent of his love affair with Robert Swift...I hope that I am wrong but when you go from getting Oden/Durant to 19 year old foriegn projects the negativity does begin to creep in.