Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Maybe we need a lovable thug

The rumor of Zach Randolph coming to Boston for Theo, the #5 pick and maybe some other bits is intriguing to say the least. Jefferson, Randolph and Pierce would form the best frontcourt in the East. It'd be pretty sick. Zach has a nice criminal history, there's certainly been some highlights like the bereavement leave that ended up at a strip club, the pot arrest (that's his mugshot), and some other fun incidents. But basketball wise he is a tip-top player, and I don't just say that because of his girth.

Chemistry with Z-Bo could be a problem, but there supposedly are not that many bad apples to spoil on the C's young and spunky roster, so I personally don't think it is a huge concern. I have a feeling my sentiments will not be shared by many in that regard. Anyway, adding Zach and not really losing anything means the C's should be a playoff team in many people's eyes, so hopefully it will finally get Rivers fired when they start the season by going 9-17. With Z-Bo, Pierce, Jefferson, Rondo, West and Gomes this could be a real scary team (if they had a competent coach.)

I can't really fathom this trade going through though, Conley might be the most overrated guy in the draft, and Portland really is this desperate to get him and dump Randolph??? It just seems goofy. Randolph is too good. Also it is gonna put us in luxury tax land when we have to give Jefferson an extension next year, and Wyc might not like that. We'll see....


tim said...

i still might take julian wright instead

grayjonv said...

Danny can dump Wally and/Theo's contract on Portland and the #5 for Zack Randolph.