Thursday, May 24, 2007

So this is what Hell looks like...

Tuesday's lottery massacre has left many of us completely stunned or just feeling totally defeated. Personally, I was expecting it, when you're a slight pessimist and the odds aren't in your favor you tend not to set your hopes high. So I beg to ask the question: why the fuck were so many of you giddy with hope leading up to this???

Here we are with less than a 40% chance of getting a top 2 pick, the worse coach in the league, an incompetent GM, clueless ownership -- and 40% odds has you thinking that everything will be gravy in the land of green? I think this is delusional, a great example of the false "hope" that Doc, Danny and Wyc love to spout - and something frankly an informed fan shouldn't fall under.

Landing Oden or Durant would have been phenomenal - because it would signify a light at the end of the tunnel. Oden (and to a lesser extent, Durant) meant that despite the puddle of shit we were in presently, undoubtedly there would be roses down the road, because an All-NBA center (or freakish 4 man) will outlast a bad coach, a bad GM, and maybe even a bad ownership. Sure, it would have been great, but we have to analyze the current situation.

Right now I have no confidence in Celtics management. And this a terrible feeling for a fan, because it is so hopeless. If I had any type of faith in Wyc or Danny it was shattered when Doc was given an extension. That day was much more immediately painful than losing the lottery. Basically it's like voting Bush into office again for another four years in 2008, or something comparably retarded. It is so utterly incomprehensible that after it is over anybody who is even tangentiality involved in granting the extension you lose all respect for from a basketball standpoint. If they could do this, they would be capabable of doing anything...

I see no way that anyone who has watched the Celtics regularly over the past three years could have any faith in Rivers. Here at The Shamrock Headband, we will continue to beat a dead horse, because there are few things in basketball that infuriate me more than Doc Rivers. He seems like a great guy but he is literally the worst fucking coach I have ever seen. The reasons for this are manifold, and have been thoroughly explained by Bill Simmons, Celtics Blog, several writers at Real GM, many national columnists - hell, most people outside the mainstream Boston media. The fact that Doc is going on Year 4 is an atrocity that I will never hesitate to talk about, for as far as I am concerned, that is the overriding story of these Celtics - how Doc Rivers continues to be their coach. It means that no matter how many brilliant moves Ainge makes the team will severely underachieve. Severely. I'm talking 12 to 20 wins less a season than normal. That is how bad a coach Doc is. His complete lack of of knowledge concerning rotations, substitutions, defensive schemes etcetra will kill you.

Oden or Durant would make year 4 of Doc bearable, because supposedly these two guys are too good a thing to screw up. But I don't know. The Celtics are very, very shaky. We are at the point where we start seeing talent attrition, 1990's Clippers style. You accrue a bunch of valuable commodities (Pierce, Jefferson, Rondo, West, Gomes, Green, the #5 pick) and then watch helplessly as mismanagement sees them slip away for virtually nothing. The only thing to do is to find hope in this hopelessness. I'm not looking forward to it.

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