Monday, May 26, 2008

Lucid Morbidity

Tonight's loss sucked on a number of levels, but the primal point seems to remain: the Celtics aren't the same team as they were in the regular season. And ultimately, that is what sucks most. The Celtics' team we loved this year never would have laid the egg that this team did tonight, just like it never would have been forced to play seven games against Atlanta and Cleveland. But this current group - same in form, different in persona - seems lucky just to be here. If you were to tell me before the year we would be 2-2 with the Pistons in the EC Finals I would have been enthralled, no matter what the extenuating circumstances might have been. But the reality today is I'm down, down, down - because I've lost most of my faith in this team, because they've consistently been subpar for much of the last month. Harsh words? Maybe. But I held this squad to high standards because they earned high standards, and seemed to demand nothing less. And then they just deteriorated.

Don't get me wrong - the Celtics could still get to the Finals, and I guess they could even win it. If that happened obviously everything I just wrote would dissolve into delusion. But frankly it doesn't appear the Celtics are capable of that. I am not ready to even begin to explain why, not until the entire thing plays out. But something seems very wrong to me, and has since Game 4 against ATL.

Tonight's loss taken by itself doesn't seem particularly bad. Detroit played great defense, ran their offense, and had good energy. But you compound this Celtics' loss with all their other road losses during the postseason and you end up just muttering profanities into the wind. It's all unsettling, and a major thing, not just Glenn or Ray fucking things up.

But I do have to say something about Glenn, I can't help it: PLAY LEON POWE YOU FUCKING BASTARD. YOU ARE AN ABSOLUTE FOOL TO LEAVE HIM ON THE BENCH. Ah, I feel a little better. Sleep well, my friends.


MATT#33 said...


I just wanted to drop a message on one of the most refreshing Celtic Blogs formats out there and tell you to keep the faith!

I can't agree with you more on your SOFT (LOL) assessment of Doc Rivers' coaching style the last month or so! I want to build off that topic if I may, Eddie House needs to see the parquet in game 5 to supply his 'FireHouse' tactics we so desperately need off the bench! Oh where, oh where in the name of god is Leon "The Show" Powe? Powe would have been the perfect go-to-guy to counter their M&M Girls (who played like men last night :( ). Why not Tony Allen (have him get touchy feely with 'Rip' just like they guard our scoring threats), I'll leave it at that! And lastly because I can here at The Shamrock Headband, FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK!!!

JSKCKNIT said...

I can't agree with you more. "The Show" sitting on the bench constantly pisses me off. Same with Eddie House sitting out while Sammy Sam take one bad shot after another. Its very aggrevating. I've been with the team since day 1 in Rome and some nights I've just turned the game off and took my frustrations out on the poor citizens of Liberty City on GTA4. I can't take this much longer!!

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