Thursday, May 15, 2008


Jack perfectly summed it up, but I just want to share a few thoughts in the wake of Game 5. As crazy as it sounds, by the end of last night I was convinced the Celtics still have a shot to win it all. I feel schizophrenic, and maybe it's the only way to feel. Because if there was ever a team that could win a championship by only winning home games, this might be it. That's an outrageous statement, and something that I don't think will ever happen - but the fact that I could even toss it out there shows how wonky this team is. And how good.

Last night we saw the real Celtics, the most talented team in the league, and maybe the most scary. I don't know if we had seen that full a package since Game 2 against ATL. They fought with force the whole second half, and it was a great sight to behold. Finally signs of mental strength were in full display. When they play with this edge, as they did during the regular season, they have to be considered the favorite. And obviously they have hardly fit that profile in the postseason. But when all the jets are firing like last night...well, they're a sight to behold. And no one right now knows when and if those guys will show up. It's not a matter of coaching better (Glenn played Leon all of four minutes last night)or of running certain plays - it's a whole attitude and edge that has been stunningly absent for a few weeks. When they have it, they can beat anybody. But where it goes no one knows. I feel very confident we'll at least get through Cleveland, though.

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