Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Soft Parade

Yesterday's loss was demoralizing and appalling on many levels, but I have to say that I slightly disagree with Jack's assertion that Glenn is the main culprit. If you read this blog, you know I have less faith in Glenn Rivers than just about anyone - I started writing here just because I hated him so much. But for us to pour the majority of the blame on his shoulders for these road woes is going a bit far in my book.

Rivers is not a good coach, no matter how fine a job he did with this team during the regular season. Last night's miscues are just regular stuff in his oeuvre. In my mind, and as has already been pointed out by Wharper, the Big Baby thing was ridiculous - KG didn't need to rest for long, if at all, and Powe should have been in there if KG was not. But P.J. Brown wasn't the problem; he was productive as hell with his minutes. Anyway, what I mean to say is that veteran faith didn't kill them last night - it was a problem, but not the story of the game. What Mike Brown or Flip Saunders do on a regular basis is just as bad.

No, what killed the C's was their same old road-playoff shit: horrible execution by your stars down the stretch. Glenn can talk about "playing better under stress" and KG and Paul can refute that claim , but for once I will agree with Glenn: the Triumvirate (and Rondo etc.) do have to play better under stress. Players have to make plays, not the coaches. As ridiculous as Ainge's faith in Glenn has been over the years, his recent comments ring with truth: players have to respond to the pressure. You've got KG, Pierce and Ray on the floor and you score four points in the last six minutes. That's not Glenn's problem, that's your stars' weaknesses revealed.

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