Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our Bench Is Fat With Talent

Listen, if Doc wasn't going to butcher the bench like he always does, I'd feel pretty good about it. House is solid, he can put up points and can bring the ball up. The Pollard signing could be a nice addition on both ends, and in the very least he's a funny guy. If Pollard is healthy, he should be able to contribute. Same goes for Tony Allen, although I think his health should hardly be counted on. Powe is workman-like enough to not really hurt you out there. Scal brings hustle that can help you if it is in limited amounts. That's five guys right there and I'm not including Big Baby Davis, who very well could be the sixth man by the end of the year.

I don't know why I have so much faith in Big Baby, and I freely admit that I could be way off on this, but I think he's gonna be really good. He'll be able to play both power forward and center, and should be able to be effective immediately. I can only hope he gets minutes to get to show his meddle, because he brings a unique flair onto the floor. Offensively his combination of quickness and size should make him a valuable weapon, and an interesting complement to KG. He and Rondo are the two gambits that could pay off huge for the C's. Rondo I feel very assured in, Big Baby could be more of a strech, like any rookie. But if those two guys do as well as I think they can - depth becomes no problem at all.

So this whole bench thing is not stressing me, I'd rather have three All Stars than Nocioni coming off the pine. It's a league of stars, not supporting parts. And it is not injuries to the bench that concern me as much as injuries to the star triumvirate - obviously. It's more vital to have the guys playing 35 minutes a night healthy than someone who is just playing 15.

When you got firepower you mold around it. Hopefully a little more molding will occur in the form of a veteran point, but that could be down the road once the season is half over. We'll have plenty of other stuff to worry about before that juncture.


Anonymous said...

Agree with many of your points. But BIG BABY, despite his weight, cannot play backup center.

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