Thursday, August 2, 2007

Reversal of Fortune

Mind blowing. Look at that photo...this quite possibly has been the most exhilarating week I can remember as a Celtics fan. We got KG. It's just unbelievable. I mean, how did this happen? When you rationalize it, of course it makes sense: the Celtics had the pieces to make a trade, no one else could come up with a comparable offer, there was no time for a youth moment, etc. But less than two months ago the Celtics were promoting Tony Allen's rehab as a calling card for coming out to games. Now? Now they don't have to promote anything.

The stunning reversal is so astounding because it hardly ever seems to happen in the NBA. This was not us getting lucky in the lottery, the usual route for a team's huge upswing. Nor was it simply a case of us intelligently throwing around a ton of money at free agents (which rarely occurs.) This was actually two blockbuster deals happening within 33 days of each other. That is hugely impressive. Considering that blockbusters hardly ever happen, for one team to have two in such a short span is a milestone for the modern NBA. So big fucking kudos to Danny Ainge. You have the fortitude that Danny Ferry, John Paxon and Rod Thorn so severely lack.

And as a Celtics fan you just have to be - well, I don't know the word. There are so many poor metaphors that could be used. The whole "bum on the street finding out he has a million dollar inheritance" thing. To have such an unexpected turn of events has not made me necessarily appreciate the deal more, it has just made me more flabbergasted by the whole thing. We all were so set on this Oden/Durant dream, and no other option but that or perpetual mediocrity seemed to be on the table all spring. Even the intellectual appreciation of what the Ray Allen deal could mean never seemed to actually be a reality for me until I saw KG shaking intensely at the press conference. And then - it was motherfucking on.

So count your blessings Celtics fans, because this kind of audaciousness has not been so brazenly put forward by a team this decade. Malone and GP signed for a celestial pittance in LA, and they saw the light at the end of the tunnel. This, on the other hand, is a gamble in excellence that must make other teams jealous. It's a hell of a star merger, and while I will return to my normal angry brooding soon, for the moment I just want to bask in the glory of the spectacle.

It is going to be such a treat to watch KG. I assume the people who are reserved about the trade have simply not watched this guy enough. It's gonna be a pleasure, and a unique one at that, because there is no one like KG in the league, and KG himself has never played with a cast close to this. So enjoy the souffle.