Sunday, August 26, 2007

That Makes Eleven

As many of you are already probably aware, the Celtics recently signed 6-8 swingman James Posey to a two-year contract, giving them a solid eleven bodies under contract in anticipation of the upcoming professional basketball season. All they need is one more in order to be allowed to play, so let's hope things go smoothly in the Glen Davis/Gabe Pruitt department. Posey actually strikes me as a truly outstanding signing for the Green, a perfect example of a guy that they'd never have been able to land on the cheap before RayRay and KG came to town. Posey's a lights-out defender who can score a bit when he needs to, though he may struggle at first to fulfill the all-world defensive legacy of Gerald Green on the wing. Ahem. And for those wondering, yes, that is indeed James Posey's mugshot, stemming from a recent DUI charge in Miami. Hey, dude likes to party.

Speaking of mugshots... I'm not sure if anyone happened to notice this potentially amazing tidbit in Mark Murphy's Herald C's column the other day:

"Ruben Patterson, the free agent forward who played for the Milwaukee Bucks last season, has lobbied for a job with the Celtics."

Ruben Patterson!!! As in, registered sex offender/all-around psychopath Ruben Patterson, the man who once got his eye-socket punched in by Zach Randolph after Patterson allegedly threw a basketball at him for laughs. Let's just think about this for a second... Ruben Patterson in Boston instantly becomes the most polarizing local athlete in recent memory. Randy Moss is Troy Brown by comparison; Carl Everett is Trot Nixon. Peter May is readying a racist denouncement as we speak, replete with nonsensical references to the And1 Mixtape Tour. The signing of Posey seems to greatly diminish the chances of Patterson ending up in green, which were probably never very high in the first place, and all of this is probably for the best. A boy can dream though. As a postscript, Patterson actually had a surprisingly strong year last year (14.7ppg for Milwaukee, a career high) and will probably have no trouble catching on somewhere.

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joe said...

patterson instead of posey seems like it would have been a pretty significant upgrade. Patterson was strong in a number of areas, including defense, scoring with a great fg%, running the floor and could give you some rebounding, though inconsistently. I think we're hoping for defense from posey, and the jury on what he can really still do is out.