Saturday, June 30, 2007

After Midnight

Today is the last day of normalcy before free agent madness starts up. Okay, maybe it's really not madness as much as carelessly defiant team spending, but I always like waking up July 1st and reading the contracts that were agreed to in the wee hours of the morning. They gave Steve Nash that much money? Stupid! We were able to re-sign Blount for only $40 million? Awesome!

So that entertaining day will be tomorrow, and I'm sure we will be scratching our heads some. I tend to doubt the C's will be in on the initial action, but you never know. Remember the year Danny went to Karl Malone's door at midnight to try and convince him to come to an adequate C's team instead of the Lakers? I wish we had that on tape.

One name tossed about is Brevin Knight, who could be an interesting addition to the Green. Larry Brown will like using him when he is our coach in February. I personally hope we offer our whole mid-level exception to Matt Barnes. We need Matt Barnes in Boston, even though none of the reasons are basketball related.

I also want to pass along kudos to the Herald for talking about how much Theo is gonna help the team defensively next year. That was satire on a level I didn't know existed. For more boring commentary you have to read FreeDarko or something. So get ready for midnight, cause afterwards things are never gonna be the same again.

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tim said...

I think the fact that the press doesnt work sunday morning is slowing down our findings for today, but i'm still expecting some goood stuff later today...