Friday, June 22, 2007

Well, I Suppose That Settles That

Kevin Garnett era, we hardly knew ye. Yesterday ESPN reported that Garnett has no interest in coming to the Celtics, and this morning's Globe reports the same thing. This would be a good time to point out that the Globe's coverage of this rumored mega-deal has been typically abysmal, and by "abysmal" I actually mean "nonexistent." Honestly, a potential KG-to-the-C's deal is close to the basketball equivalent of an A-Rod-to-the-Sox deal, and if memory serves there was slightly more coverage of that in the local media. Fire Peter May Fire Peter May Fire Peter May

Anyways, Kevin Garnett not wanting to play for the Celtics is pretty close to the most unsurprising thing imaginable. I mean, let's think about this: you're Garnett, and your three most rumored trading destinations are Phoenix, Chicago and... Boston. Two of these teams have legitimate championship aspirations, and the other has Doc Rivers. One of them you'd get to play with Steve Nash, another you'd get to play with Kirk Hinrich, and the third you'd get to play with--wait for it--Rajon Rondo. Honestly, if KG's gonna go to a shitty team in the East he might as well go to the Knicks, where at least he can make a nice chunk of change off endorsements and such. Though honestly, I don't understand why people keep bringing up the Knicks as possible destinations for players like Garnett and Kobe... I mean, the Knicks essentially have no tradeable assets outside of David Lee, who's probably already overrated at this point. Both Marbury and Francis have albatross contracts that don't come off the books until 2009, which I can't imagine makes them particularly attractive as trade bait in 2007. But I digress.

Barring a potential Marion trade--and we haven't heard much about that recently, either--I think the best course of action for the C's is to take Corey Brewer with the fifth pick (I think he'll still be there), then try and trade Gerald Green and Theo Ratliff's contract (possibly Delonte as well?) for solid veteran help. Simmons keeps bringing up Andrei Kirilenko, who'd be a great addition to the team provided we get him without giving up too much (considering he averaged a stunningly poor 8.3 ppg last year and he and Sloan seem to openly despise each other, I can't imagine the Jazz getting too greedy in their demands for him.

Anyways, there'll be plenty of time to discuss the draft in the coming days. For the record, I hope Garnett goes to Phoenix; fuck, that'd be fun to watch.


The Fox said...

So the Celts will take Brewer? This assumes that the draft goes Oden-Durant-Horford-Conley? You wouldn't take B Wright instead of adding yet another small forward to the mix??

tim said...

Andrei Kirilenko makes a kajillion dollars till 2011. it'd be pretty crazy to get him. i mean getting Z-Bo is a much more sound move, and Z-Bo and "sound move" don't roll onto the page easily.

Jack said...

Kirilenko is expensive as hell, no doubt. However, I think we'd have to give up a lot less to get him than we'd have to give up to get Randolph. Also, Zach Randolph in Boston just strikes me as a nightmare on every level; I don't think he could share the court with Al and he'd be so polarizing in Boston he'd make Antoine look like David Ortiz. I think Kirilenko's a better fit because he doesn't need the ball all the time and would probably play well alongside Al and Pierce.

Anonymous said...

Well looks like garnett did go to the celtics. Along with ray allen. And they won a championship! Ainge got manager of the year. Rajon Rondo had a break out year. And Doc Rivers gow his first championship as an NBA coach.

Proved everyone dead wrong