Sunday, June 24, 2007

Like Sands Through The Hourglass...

These are the days of our lives, Celtics fans. The shit continues to hit the fan, in terms of potential blockbuster trades and the like. The Herald is speculating that Kevin Garnett's disinclination to play for the C's (as voiced by his agent) is more a product of his agent's current beef with the C's over another of his clients, Sebastian "Tonz-o-Gunz" Telfair, than it is a product of anything actually KG-related. We heard recently from a relatively inside source that the C's are irate over the way the KG thing played out... apparently the deal was all but done and then they were publicly embarrassed by Garnett's agent.

That said, good news first: Chad Ford suggests that KG might back off his anti-Celtics stance if a Suns trade doesn't materialize. According to Steve Kerr, the new GM out Phoenix way, a Suns-KG pairing probably isn't happening. So, keep hope alive, I suppose. In an equally-if-not-more-intriguing scenario, Ford also floats the possibility of a deal for Paul Gasol that would involve us shipping the number five, Delonte and Theo's contract to Memphis in exchange for the big Spaniard. This is an enticing trade. The prospect of Al, Gasol and Pierce playing alongside each other in the East is exciting to say the least. Lest we forget, Pau Gasol is only 26 years old.

Now for the bad news: Chad Ford also quotes a conversation with Paul Pierce's agent in which Jeff Schwartz (said agent) suggests that if the C's don't make a trade for a star, Pierce wants out of Boston. Take it away, Schwartzy:

"Danny's got to make a decision. It just won't make sense to keep Paul if the Celtics can't compete for a championship. They should trade him and get young players that can help them rebuild."

Christ, this team is a mess. Everything this guy says is basically correct. The thing that kills me is the use of the term "rebuild." At what point should it just become "build?"

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