Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Do it only if we get Blount back

I'm glad to see some fans are sick of this all ready. Most are not, but I am. There is only so much stuff I can say about it. I don't know if I read anything really good about the Garnett rumor yet, I certainly have nothing that intelligent to write. Just trade Kobe for KG, nothing else makes sense in this souped-up retarded ESPN-mill field we are now trouncing through. I mean there's only one other deal I can think of that is that good.

Even though the C's-Garnett rumor seems to be realistic, I'm not gonna get excited in the least till it happens. Then when it occurs I will be surprised and then think about how we are gonna do next year. In all likelihood the first thing I think of:
Get ready for a great season! Our uninspired march to the eight seed with a 41-41 mark could not be sweeter! Get ready for panic trades and pointing fingers. But more importantly, get ready for a consistent flow of nail-biting losses. This is Wyc and Danny's Celtics!

Seriously, if you get Garnett, please fucking hire Carlisle; let's at least try to see this thing work. It's probably not a good trade though, I have reservations, I don't know if it will get us to the summit. Also the Celtics are gonna have to sign like five more guys, so we don't even know who will be on the team. Maybe we can get Bonzi.

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Jack said...

I had actually just written another post on Garnett and then read Tim's post and felt chagrined. I agree, at some point the hand-wringing and what-if's over the KG thing gets old, and that point may indeed be now. I'm now going to try and psychically direct my energy toward making Ainge take Brewer with the fifth pick, a possibility which seems to be growing as Yi's apparently sliding.