Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can Spears Be Critical?

Well, I tried to cut right to the chase with Marc Spears and asked him if he would actually call out Glenn for being, you know, Glenn. Here is his answer, and the rest of his chat transcript. I still feel like this could be the guy who finally doesn't give Glenn ridiculous slack. Hopefully he doesn't leave it up to Bob and Jackie, like he says he will, because both those writers are brainwashed at this point. Anyway, Spears strikes me as a decent writer, and more willing to side with players than most beat writers.


Mike said...

i went mini-golfing a last year i mean seven years ago and marc spears was there with his girl. i said marc, i'm a prophet and you the truth.

not yet, he said.

i asked him his favorite movie.

do kids movies count?

only if it's a mid-nineties disney joint.

of course, he said, lion king is the best

i stuck him in his jaw. marc, i nearly yelled, we out here mini-golfing with our girls, and you're trying to disrespect me. aladdin has a superior villain and gaston from beauty and the b is a proper god-fearing chauvinist, the way i try to raise my children.

we agreed to disagree. i parred the fourth hole and he birdied, before i double-bogeyed and hit a kid with my backswing. the ambulance came and marc rode with me to cook county hospital.

marc, i said, cook county hospital is the one from the fugitive

you buggin, he replied.

it's where dr. richard kimball saved that kid when he had to fake like he was a janitor.

marc pulled out his acoustic and busted into song. this one's titled 'the celtics'

garnett rivers pierce allen
one of these pieces has to go
oh you right you right
it's my homegirl leon powe

rondo bird mchale parish
one of them's not in the hall
parish smoked trees
but rondo don't got a jumper

i'm out for now, marc spears should be a damn senator, not a sports writer. i love you blog

Mike said...

i forgot to mention this part:
imagine yourself in a yoga studio. now imagine yourself in general manager rod thorn's office.

didn't the yoga help?

imagine yourself playing with jason kidd. now imagine yourself playing for steve nash. who's the better table-setter? also steve nash hates women so does jason kidd they're both devil children


don't you dare make this blog a slanderous blog you runt. you've always been younger than me youngster and the next time i see you i'm going to hug you and then show you that i'm older and you're younger and that will never change.

back to the lab again. can jason make this ship go? he's a special player but the grind of 82 games can really be tough- where's AIR BUD?