Saturday, September 29, 2007


So last night one of our good radio friends, DJ Easy Ed, came into the studio following our show and presented me with an LP record - "Not to be Denied! The Road to the Boston Celtics 15th NBA World Championship" compiled by WRKO back in good old 1984. First of all - what a nice gesture by the guy - the album is in mint condition. Secondly, I've already listened to it twice. Listening to Johnny Most and Glenn Ordway describe the aura and excellence surrounding the 1983-84 Celtics is a spiritual experience for the basketball purist.

Later in the evening I was watching SportsDesk and Jayme Parker mentioned that Pierce, Allen, and Garnett have 22 combined All-Star selections. I got goosebumps - when's the last time any Celtics team has had that kind of cache? When I was just a kid and the Big 3 was still intact but starting to break down: the early 90's. That was a long time ago.

Not saying this year's model deserves their own LP record. But the swagger is back. And we haven't had that in a LONG time.

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