Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Helpful Reminder

Chris Paul just carved the Mavs to the tune of 67 points, 27 assists and 7 steals over the first two games of his series, and it wasn't all that surprising. That means more than a little. While we always say that we have seen no one like LeBron or Dwight Howard, CP3 is just as revolutionary a sight. He's still only 22 and just had the greatest statistical season of any point guard in history. This is coming on the heels of two of the more impressive years a point guard has had to start their career.

Paul is special. He is not just a statistical phenomenon, but legitimately leads his team to a higher place. Most squads with virtually no playoff experience from their stars would shrink under the pressure, but Paul is simply too good to let that happen. Players like Deron Williams, Tony Parker and Monta Ellis are all young and with tremendous talent. But it is time we stop comparing them favorably with Paul. He is on another level, and frankly that should have been clear even after having watched him play at Wake Forest. There is only one Chris Paul. He is already better than Steve Nash, Chauncy Billups and Baron Davis ever were. As long as he stays healthy the Hornets will be contenders for the next decade.

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