Monday, April 14, 2008

Tonight We Dined in Hell

The Celtics beat the Knicks tonight, 99-93. I'm not even posting a photo for this atrocity, as it's best stricken from memory as soon as possibility. While it was going on, this one had its perverse charms: Zach Randolph airballed a couple threes and picked up three fouls, all in the first quarter, and Rondo and Cassell combined for a solid 45 points (23 and 22, respectively). Pierce, KG and Ray-Ray politely watched from the bench tonight (duh), and generally the atmosphere was total chaos both on and off the court, as the Knicks apparently rolled out free food for everyone in attendance at MSG. So, you know, at least they've got that going for them. All in all this one was a complete mess, one of the worst displays of allegedly professional basketball in recent memory; I actually think an NCAA bubble team could hang a convincing win on the Knicks at this point. These guys better pray for a top-two pick in this year's notoriously weak-ass draft, otherwise... Jesus Christ. In closing, it's worth noting that the C's notched their 65th win of the season tonight, which is nothing short of astonishing, and acknowledging this really never gets old.

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Tim said...

Just another indication of why Sam has to play considerable minutes in the playoffs. Rondo and Cassell seemed very comfortable together tonight.