Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wizzed On

If there is one team that has given the Celtics fits this year, it is the Wizards. Be scared, very scared. Or rather, don't be. The Wiz have been lucky as to when they have met the Celtics, and that has as much to do with their three victories as anything else. Tonight Glenn had a very strange substitution pattern, and the defense was flat, so defeat seemed destined. You gotta lose sometimes, and the cards have played out in such a way that Boston ends up losing thrice to the Wiz. Eddie Jordan's team is a frisky bunch, and they do match up with the C's better than most clubs. It's just they clearly are inferior to the Green, regardless of the regular season outcomes. I'd be more concerned about meeting LeBron in May.

Our man Leon played all of seven minutes tonight, we don't know what was up with that, but we do want to endorse the idea of getting him signed to an extension this Summer. If you can wrap up a Perk-like deal with Leon it would appear to be a relative bargain given his performance. Also hopefully Big Baby's hamstring injury is minor, those type of ailments can linger for a while, and we can only hope it's just a slight tweak...not much else to say, the big stuff is about to start, we just have to be patient.

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