Saturday, November 10, 2007

Armchair Thoughts...

Another enjoyable evening parked in front of the TV watching the Celtics dismantle another unworthy opponent. I don't see how some can pick the Hawks as a playoff team this year. It's clear that Johnson and Smith are stars on the rise, and they have their moments, but neither player consistently shows a desire to fill the leadership role on this team. After those two, you've got a pile of players I can't distinguish from one another - Horford, Shelden and Marvin Williams, Childress - sure, they've all got potential, but again - no consistency. I hear Mike Woodson's a good guy (with a career .280 winning percentage), but the Hawks really need a coach who can get the best out of these players every night and encourage growth from the young guys. Last night was not an example of that.

Enough on the Hawks. The Celtics again looked good, but not as smooth as Wednesday night. Let's go with the highlights: excellent shooting percentage, an all-around beast game from Garnett, and Eddie House having another Kevin Gamble-esque night off the pine.

Concerns? Yeah, I have a few. It all goes back to my preseason complaints on size and depth. When Garnett, Shuttlesworth, and Perk were plopped on the bench in the 2nd quarter with early foul trouble, what did I see? Last year's Celtics. Pierce getting smothered, Tony Allen dribbling the ball off his feet - all the elements were there. The Hawks got back in the game and even had the lead for a little while. It makes me wonder what will happen to the C's when they face a real team and their big guns get in foul trouble...I'm guessing it won't lead to the greatest results. Note that House got his shots when he was out there with the starting unit playing beside Rondo, not while leading the 2nd unit.

Also suspect is the depth at the big positions. Perkins is getting his 5.5 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 1.8 blocks (including a monster stuff last night) a game. He's adequate and I love the guy, but he hasn't revealed much in terms of improvement from last season. In fact, he's lucky that Garnett is out there to help collect all the passes that he bobbles. As Miracle Johan would say, "please pass it lightly." At least Perk's not the Funky Mark Blount.

But with Scalabrine concussed and Posey (who Tim hates as a 4) laid up - who's going to get minutes off the bench? Powe and Baby. We needed them last night - if only to give poor KG a rest after logging 37 minutes in a 23-point blowout. Strange phenomenon - both these guys seem magnetically attracted to the rim, and similarly, they find a way to get their shots blocked just about every time. Is anybody working with these guys on their post moves? Or is it just because they're both undersized as hell?

Anyway, the Nets are up tonight. They're better than the Hawks, but by no means elite. The early reviews for the superstar trio in Boston have been five mics, four stars, and two thumbs up - so let's be happy with that.

Parting shot: how did Shelden Williams wind up with Candace Parker? Honestly Candace, you're 6'4" - I'm 6'4". You can dunk, I can dunk. I think you're gorgeous. If you like a 6'4", 200 lb. half-Irish, half-Indian dude with an unstoppable baby hook and a million dollar smile - you'd probably think I'm gorgeous too. We should talk. Damn you Shelden Williams.


Jimmy Chowda said...

At first, I read that last paragraph wrong and thought you were insinuating that she looked like a dude. That would have been your Imus moment. Then I took a sip of coffee, regrouped, and figured out you were digging on her. Yeah, she is hot.

Cool blog.

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