Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Solid As An Oak

Both the Herald and the Globe are praising Pollard today, because that's who Glenn was praising yesterday. That says a lot about Bulpett and May, and the problem with their respective reporting in general. But what the hell, let me praise Pollard as well. What I like about Scot on the court is that he's a big oak out there. He and Perk are real centers, and like we have said many a time - those come in handy. When you have Perk or Scot in the game it allows Garnett to play power forward, which in turn might allow KG to roam around more defensively. Heinsohn was touching upon this the other day, and I am going to watch for it more - that when Garnett is liberated from covering the biggest guy out there, he is able to rove around madly, and cause more defensive havoc. I am no longer worried about KG getting beaten up down low, although it doesn't always seem like he should have to. But if not having to play center allows KG to become that much greater a menace, then I'm all for it. With Pollard you have someone who is a legit 6-11, and he uses that size, which is a credible skill to have in the league. As much as I like Big Baby, and as big as he is, he will never be 6-11 and have that type of length. So hopefully Scot can stay healthy and continue to be productive.


The Fox said...

Scot Pollard = Greg Kite

Pollard - born in Utah.
Kite - played college ball in Utah.

Both are 6'11" white centers.

Both are former first round picks.

Both former Sacramento Kings.

Pollard: 4.5 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 0.7 blk.
Kite: 2.5 ppg, 3.8 prg, 0.6 blk.

Kite made small contributions to championship teams in '84 and '86. Pollard doesn't play every night either, but is filling a similar role - defend and help out when big guys get in foul trouble.

The Brick said...

Scot Pollard >= Greg Kite > Kurt Rambis

Chuck In Manhattan said...

Um...what about Greg Kite's mustache?

Greg Kite's Mustache > Scot Pollard's Grizzly Man Beard.