Sunday, November 11, 2007

How Was Your Weekend?

Last night the C's beat the Nets on the road, 112-101, with Pierce scoring 28, Ray 27 and KG pumping in another double-double. Big ups to Big Baby, too, who grabbed 8 boards in 17 minutes and provided monstrous energy boost in the second quarter. The Lean Green Winning Machine is 5-0 and the only undefeated team in the NBA. Even for those of us who envisioned big things for this year, this start is astonishing. Aside from the OT win in Toronto, these games haven't even been particularly close. The most surprising thing, by far, has been the productivity of the bench, which Peter May addresses in this week's "Notes" column. And by "addresses" I mean lazily strings a bunch of lame quotes, including this gem from Scalabrine:

"We have a playoff bench," Scalabrine said. "By that, I mean you take one of our studs and put the bench around him and I think that's a playoff team."

Yeah... that's some serious bullshit. Anyone like the chances of a starting five that consists of Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, James Posey, Brian Scalabrine and Kendrick Perkins? I didn't think so. However, we don't have to worry about that since we've got Pierce and KG, and at this point that's enough to put us in the conversation for best team in the NBA. Stunning. It seems like the primary concern is going to be keeping guys healthy, but Glenn's been doing a surprisingly competent job of keeping guys rested. 39-point halftime leads allow for that, i suppose.

Pacers on Tuesday. Who's excited? Me.


Chuck In Manhattan said...

"but Glenn's been doing a surprisingly competent job of keeping guys rested. 39-point halftime leads allow for that, I suppose."

You suppose?

Kinda like Ray Allen playing 48 minutes last night? Yeah, those two surgically re-constructed ankles are gonna love that by game 45...

Effing Glenn.

The Fox said...

Chuck I thought you were down with Doc? I too am concerned about the amount of minutes going out to the big guys in blowout games, but I thought he was your boy.

Chuck In Manhattan said...

Well, I mean, if you're using the PTI standards of "your boy" - meaning that if he's more "my boy" than "you'r boy" - then OK - he's my boy. But I'm not driving the Doc Rivers Bandwagon.

I just think he might be a better guy to lead the PGA Tour & 9 Caddies than ,say, Van Gundy (a guy some people wanted to go get) or Jim O'Brien (a guy some people wish we still had).

We're 5 games in...I'm sure I'll flip-flop on my love for Doc about 68 times each week.

Mike said...

outstading work gentleman, if you count hack among your ambitions. no seriously, you guys are definitely one of the celtics blogs out there. without question, you guys write a celtics blog.
the glenn thing is too cute. we're not going to call him doc because he's not smart enough to be one! then we'll write pages and pages of the genius of bill belichick, link to our own predictions, and use stale self-depricating humor. Wait, we also need to sound like bill simmons. Oh, we also need to make fun of local sportswriters, and we need to call doc rivers glenn rivers! but wait, should we call him doc after his father dies? yeah, i mean, we're not dirtbags, bro. we're totally not mean. sorry doc about your dead dad. it was totally awesome of me to rise above my hatred for someone. pass the busch lite bro. let's pour some out for doc's dad.

Mike said...

my last post was crass and elitist. just because i don't like a blog, doesn't mean that you guys aren't unoriginal.

i loved your piece about pierce and garnett and allen. some startling revelations about who they are. also, keep up the good work on glenn rivers.

Mike said...

take solace in how indifferent everyone is to the existence of your writing. i'm rabble-rousing only to promote your agenda. i'm only acting like i don't like it so more people will read it. the great o. wilde said something about when people like his stuff, it was dope, but when people hated it, he was like hell yeah, i'm on full blast, everybody's reading my stuff.

so just let me criticize you. and please no criticizing back! there's only so much wit i can take, and that's in your blog, shamrock headbanders!!!!!!

The Fox said...

Love you too baby.

The Brick said...

Fox, you need to stop associating yourself with these knuckledraggers.

Chuck In Manhattan said...


did you see that crap I wrote about the Patriots today?

More retarded than Chad Jackson himself!