Monday, November 26, 2007


LeBron James is horrifying. I mean that really as the ultimate compliment, because there is a chance he is gonna fuck up our minds over the next fifteen years so we will totally have forgotten this point that we presently embark from. When I called a healthy Dwyane Wade the better player this summer, I did it solely because Wade was 25 and in more of his prime. But there is a chance that LeBron is ready to surpass a healthy Wade in my book. That is because, at the age of 22, LeBron is beginning to do the insane with absolutely frightening normality. Here are his lines for the last six games:

39 points - 13 rebounds - 14 assists

If anyone else had a statline like that for one game it would be a big deal, and here LeBron is doing it with seeming ease for the past six. I am not a believer of stats above everything else, they are only a helpful tool, but sometimes they scream out at you so much that you can't help but revel in them. That's what LeBron's doing right now, and I think we are already numb to it.

Everything and nothing has already been written about King James, because he is rightly the most publicized NBA youth ever, and yet his story has just begun. As amazing as LeBron's exploits have been, in reality we must know that we have seen basically nothing yet. Yes, he can average 30 a game before he can legally drink, he can score 25 straight points in the playoffs - but that is just the appetizer. When LeBron was apparently cruising through the regular season last year many of us had some doubt - even he was fallible, and the growth curve was going to stop...but we knew by the playoffs that LeBron's momentary passiveness was just a fluke. This man is going to be a singular revolution in the NBA, the way Jordan was before him, and all after have failed. He is going to make us think about basketball differently. The fact that he is still 22, still takes numerous bad shots every game, still is defensively undisciplined - all these things do not stop him from being the best player in the league right now.

LeBron's promise from when he entered the league is there has never been a wing player as athletically gifted as him. There's no way of stopping him, and only a catastrophic injury would ever change that. He is the athletic freak of athletic freaks, and as his flaws gradually diminish, we are going to get to see things on the basketball court that we have never witnessed before. Behold these rash of triple doubles. They are testaments of complete offensive domination, yet it is almost hard to appreciate their uniqueness because LeBron does it with such mundane ease. When he understands things a little more we should not be surprised if we see a 50-15-15 line. The sky is basically the limit.

LeBron should dominate the league for the next decade and a half. How many titles will it take for us not to be disappointed - five? Ten? Make no mistake, this man is intended to be better than Jordan, and the absurdity of the numbers he may supply are going to be daily saturated in our viewing minds till at least 2020. We may tire of it honestly, it's hard to say. Or we might rejoice in King James' superiority. Whatever the case, the time is about to arrive. And he plays the Celtics on Tuesday.


The Fox said...

Here's hoping Lebron doesn't suffer complete burnout from wasting too much of his best years trying to get a shit team over the top. It's happened to many players over the years, and by 30, they're pretty well cooked. This Cavs team is particularly bleak, with ridiculous contracts that will be hard to move before this guy turns 25-26.

I hope he has the drive to become the best ever and work on his flaws. Some guys, like Carter, are fine with being All-Stars and decide to live off reputation. If Lebron does that, oh how disappointed we'll be.

Tim said...

For LeBron the challenge of a shit team seems strangely appropriate - he has a chance of being THAT much better than everyone else, it would probably be better for the NBA that he plays with a bunch of crap around him, otherwise his team will just win every year. Of course, he'll probably flee to NY or LA in a few years anyway...