Friday, November 30, 2007

This Ship Be Sinkin'

The Celtics played the Knicks last night and beat every expletive out of them that you could possibly imagine. I watched the beginning of this one, then shut it off once it was safely out of reach and it was clear KG, Pierce and Allen were done for the night, then turned it back on toward the end to see if either a) the C's could win by 50, b) the C's could perform the hyper-rare double-up, or c) the C's could hold the Knicks to the lowest offensive output in team history. None off these things ended up happening (goddamn Nate Robinson), but still, the fact that they were seriously in the conversation with less than 2 minutes left in this one shows you the extent of this utter annihilation.

The C's definitely played well, but the Knicks just looked terrible. The New York tabloids are obviously having a field day with this one. I give you the journalistically impartial stylings of the Daily News:
"A new prime-time comedy debuted on TNT last night. It's called the 'Isiah Follies' and it is about a basketball team that can't shoot straight, play defense or even pretend it cares."

Fabulous! I think most of us figured Isiah to be gone sooner rather than later, but a catastrophe like this just forces the issue. I mean, even James Dolan can't sit still on this one, can he?

Anyways, as for the actual game, it was good times all around for C's fans. Pierce and (Ray) Allen led the way with 21 each, and neither Pierce, Allen nor KG played even 30 minutes. KG ended up with only 8 points but grabbed 11 boards. Eddie House played great, and Big Baby got an unprecedented 31 minutes of run, the surest sign yet that Danny & Co. are quite serious about this kid. Gabe Pruitt even got in towards the end. Anyways, the C's play at Miami tonight, which should be interesting, since a few weeks ago the Heat gave them one of their biggest challenges of the season. Oh, and the final score to last night's game was 104-59, in case anyone's wondering.