Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Duck, Duck, Goose!

According to an Inside Track article, James Posey, Paul Pierce, and The Oversized Infant joined children at a Mattapan elementary school yesterday to read "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type." Former Celtic second-round draft choice Kris Clack (55th pick, 1999) was not in attendance. According to the article, Pierce portrayed a cow, The Infant was a duck, and Posey was a chicken. You can tell this team has a lot of fun together, and these are three of the more likable personalities.

However, when you're talking about a team that has fun together, you have to look at the upstart Portland Trailblazers. I've watched a lot of this team's games on the dish this year and they are young, talented, driven, and deep. Brandon Roy is more efficient and more clutch (read: better) than Carmelo Anthony and Tracy McGrady - and both of those clowns are getting voted onto the Western Conference All-Star Team. LaMarcus Aldridge has a smooth hybrid game for a 6-11 guy. The two-headed point guard of Jack and Blake is effective, and the contributions of guys like Outlaw and Webster have fueled their recent run into the playoff picture.

If the Celts don't wake up, it'll be three in a row.


The Brick said...

Fox you just wanna suckle on the flavor of the month Blazers because they are the surprise team in the NBA. Brandon Roy is playing slightly better than he did last year, he is not better than Carmelo, maybe McGrady because he can't stay on the court.

This team is like a one-hit wonder band. Didn't the Clippers win their division 2 years ago, where have they gone? Didn't Memphis win 50 games a few years ago? The Blazers are just the flavor of the month.

Check out the website

The Fox said...

Remember Brick, you may have Verizon Fios, but I have the dish - and I watch way more games than you do. To quote Eric B. and Rakim, the Blazers "ain't no joke." I love what they've done with their roster, they're fun as hell to watch, and with Oden next year they'll even be a little better.

If they lose to the C's, it's because their defensive scheme isn't quite developed to elite level. They have some sick defenders.

The Brick said...

Look at you with the excuse ... Well if the Celtics lose to these clowns its because they played awful.

The Fox said...

Celtics win and I'm quite pleased - the Blazers D couldn't contain Ray and boy was that a relief!

I'm the biggest Shuttlesworth apologist in the world!!

I'm throwing in my He Got Game DVD as we speak!!!

Ray's awesome baby!!!!