Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Scary One

John Canzano today goes where few writers have trod in praising KG for being a horrifying maniac on the court this season. Why more pieces have not been written about the psychological warfare Garnett lays on teams night after night is a headscratcher. Really KG's fiery, scary antics are what the Celtics are all about. This is the obvious reason why he would win MVP, not his statistics. It also is the reason the Celtics have the best record in the league. And it is the non-quantifiable element about the Celtics that makes them fascinating. KG's intensity is what makes everything congeal on the court.

Canzano makes some good points in essentially saying that the Blazers were just scared shitless of KG; although I disagree in John's sniffly assessment that the Blazers would beat Boston if they simply were not scared. Canzano's implications about fear strike a deeper tone, though, as one cannot help thinking of teams like the Pistons or Spurs. The best squads are not going to be scared of KG. One reason the Celtics pelt opponents is because most teams just don't know how to handle the bristling intensity. Particularly young ones. Yet with hardened veteran groups you are talking about a whole other breed of competition. This is not to say that the Celtics' intensity won't work - it is just pointing out that the players on the other side will probably be able to match that level of emotional output. At least in the playoffs, when it really counts. Till then it should be easy to watch KG and his pal Posey bully weaker clubs with unfailing regularity.


Anonymous said...

it should be noted that when confronted for his constant smack talk kg tends to run away like a wounded child. he's most definitely the best player on the court at almost all times, but seeing him back -pedal and swing limp-wristed sissy punches at antonio mcdyess last year took a lot of the psychological edge off of him.

Anonymous said...

Celtics are alot more then just KG trash talking and intensity. If there were not they simply would not win as much. KG knows also throwing a real punchwill get him in trouble he would rather be called a 'sissy' by uninformed fans then get suspended most likely.