Saturday, January 5, 2008

Turns Out The C's Aren't Bad

Yup. We can all go home now. It's been decided - the Celtics are the best team ever. This January 5th game was treated by some in the media like it was June 5th, which is nothing short of non-professional. But we're used to it, so let's move on. This was obviously a good win for the C's tonight, winning in Detroit against a team that had won eleven straight ain't easy. This will probably shut up the doubters once and for all, but for those still skeptical of the C's talent - I hate to break it to you, but you don't have a margin of victory of 13 without being elite.

So let's move on quickly. There will be alot of melodramatic statements about how much of a barometer game this was for the Celtics, but don't believe it. When you're 29-3 in January you don't have barometer games. You are measured by the playoffs. In the regular season we try to gauge how you will perform when the serious season gets underway. And judging by the season so far, it looks pretty good for the C's. Winning or losing a close game to the Pistons this early in the year hardly means that the same result will occur in May or June. Every player in both locker rooms is aware of that.

What we can tell about these squads is that they play similarly - which is slightly surprising given the different personnel. For both teams efficiency is of utmost value, as opposed to quantity. The Pistons are probably more concerned about offensive efficiency, while the C's more intent on the defensive aspect of it. What is very hard to discern at this point is if one team is clearly superior; it surely does not seem that way by judging their seasons so far. Yet one has to remember, as Tommy implied on the broadcast tonight, that this Pistons team has self-destructed in the playoffs the last two years. And not as much as it appears has really changed with Detroit. One has to figure this bodes well for the Celtics.

To touch upon tonight's game we must obviously bring up Baby's performance. Hopefully it means we have seen the last of his DNP-CD days. Everything Perk does wrong with the ball in the post Baby does right. Unfortunately Baby is about three inches shorter. Offensively that's okay, but defensively we have to be wary. You see how nicely Baby handled Rasheed tonight. But Sheed is not Dwight Howard.

Neither KG or Ray played particularly well, and one can only credit Detroit's defense so much. Just slightly off games for both of them. Meanwhile on TV they were saying how tonight was one of Pierce's best games this year; I disagreed, I just thought it was one of his smartest. His passing was marvelous. Oh, and I would be remiss to forget - DO NOT LET TONY ALLEN BRING THE BALL UP THE COURT IN THE LAST TWO MINUTES OF A CLOSE GAME. Thanks, had to say it.

As you see, I seem more relieved and snotty than excited by the win. That's because if they lost it would have been alright - I already knew the C's were damn good. Now we don't have to worry about another "Game of The Century" till Dallas rolls into town on January 31st. In the meantime we can try to seriously understand where this 29-3 team is heading, if such an endeavor is at all possible.


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Justin Poulin said...

Hey Tim,

Nice meeting you the other night and you've got some good comments here. I totally agree about Tony Allen in the last minutes of the game - he's just not that good of a ball handler. Doc, however, has said that he is going to use Tony as a PG earlier in the game (see late 1st qtr and the 2nd qtr last night) to get the ball in his hands and build his confidence and get him more involved in the offense. I think this has worked beautifully, but again, he can't handle the full court pressure of a late game situation.

We'd never see it because you can't have Ray Allen on the bench down the stretch, but I thought Rondo at PG and Tony at SG would have been nice. Then, on defense Allen could switch to Billups to body up and Rondo can take Hamilton where Rondo has the quickness to stay with Rip. Watching Ray guard Chauncey late in the fourth highlighted the need for a vet PG with some size. Not sure who that might be, and while I am not really in favor of Damon Stoudamire, he might fit the bill and is demanding a trade. He was also seen working out very hard on the court before the Memphis game on Friday when you introduced yourself to me. Damon did not play a single minute in that game, hmmmm.

Moving on to your major point in this article I would have to disagree with your sentiments that this was not a barometer game. Based upon the players comments, the physical and intense nature of the game, and the fact so many technical foul calls were called I have to think that this meant a lot to both teams. It's also a barometer because it tells just how well Doc Rivers is able to make adjustments game-to-game against a high quality opponent. While I didn't agree with all of Doc's substitutions (specifically Posey ahead of Tony Allen when Ray picked up his 4th foul) I think his willingness to experiment and adjust his line-ups to find something that worked was a good sign - that and the fact that he stuck with Glen Davis down the stretch. While that call may seem like an obvious choice to many fans, NBA coaches would not often leave a rookie drafted in the second round on the floor to win a game against their stiffest competition.

This was most certainly a barometer game, the debate is in regards to just how much of a barometer the game actually was and how much importance you want to place on the result. I'm not going to say that Boston is definitively the better team as a result of this one win, but it is clear that both Detroit and Boston are the class of the East.

Anonymous said...

Perkins or Glen Davis? Both are undersized. Perk looks about 6'8" - 6'9" next to KG, but has some huge wingspan. Glen Davis is just way more polished offensively, but looks about 6'7" and not much on the wingspan. His weight is actually a benifit on the glass, since he can carve out space.

With that said, they need a vet PG to bring the ball up. If they could swing a trade for Tyronn Lue.

Chuck In Manhattan said...

I know you guys get to actually watch these games on TV/live, but for those of us that have to listen on the radio it has become nothing but pure torture.

Sean Grande is the most annoying person on the fucking planet. He has decided that the Celtics are the best fucking team in the history of the world now that they have beat the Deeeeee-Troit Pistons.

Fuck that.

We haven't even played Phoenix or San Antonio...Or Dallas. Have we? Fuck Sean Grande.

What a loser. James Posey, too. Someone tell him to shut up.

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