Saturday, January 26, 2008

Point-less Speculation

Marc Stein is reporting that Memphis and Damon Stoudamire have reached an agreement on a buyout, clearing the way for the Celtics to make a play for the 33-year-old point guard/marijuana enthusiast. According to Stein, the C's are considered the leaders in the chase, with the Suns also in the picture and the Toronto Raptors a darkhorse. Hey, dude likes to get lit.

As the few Rondo-less games have proven without a shadow of a doubt, the Celtics are in desperate need of point guard depth, and Stoudamire is definitely a real point guard who can also score in bunches (recall his rather shocking 54-point outburst in Portland a few years back). He could definitely help this team, and although he's got some pesky "character" baggage I doubt he'll pull any bullshit around KG, Pierce and Ray. I would wholeheartedly support the acquisition, provided that Sam Cassell remains unavailable or gets traded before the deadline. The situation with the Clippers is a fucking mess these days, with Donald Sterling and Mike Dunleavy taking shots at each other through the media, so who really knows what's going to happen there. If Cassell were to become available through a buyout, you'd have to figure the C's as prohibitive front-runners due to Sam-I-Am's close friendship with KG. And while Stoudamire would be nice, Cassell would be an absolute godsend and would make the Celtics an infinitely more serious contender to win the whole thing. Stay tuned... things could get interesting.


Tim said...

Chris "Birdman" Anderson wants back in the league. That's the dude with a shaky drug past we want on our team, not Stoudemire. Birdman is, sorry for the pun, an absolute trip. I can only hope Danny feels the same way, I love Birdman, and by all accounts so do his former teammates. This is a white guy who could actually help the team.

Matt said...

Agree with the Birdman comment - I really hope that his friendship with KG (as recounted by Peter May over the weekend) could sway both him and the team to get a deal done when the 30 day window of exclusivity closes.

Re: Stoudemire - I really am afraid he's the guy Bill Simmons was referring to makes all his teammates potheads in every city he plays in. Just say no, Danny.

The Brick said...

Stoudemire would provide this team nothing. Gabe Pruitt is fully capable of doing anything Stoudemire could at this point.

Kevin said...