Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow Daze

When the Celtics lost to Washington Saturday night, much of it was attributed to the absence of Rajon Rondo. Does it bother you that Rondo’s return on Monday night did little to improve the flow of the Celtics’ offense?

The Celtics roster includes three current or former All-Stars - guys who are supposedly able to play the game of basketball at the highest possible level. Does it bother you that, even with all three of these guys on the floor, the Celtics offense still looks like something out of a pickup game?

Does it bother you that, as Tim noted, Ray Allen is lost in the shuffle? He was brought in here as an outside presence, and has been reduced to only that. Tommy had a great observation in the second half – Ray doesn’t get any points in the paint; his entire game is 18 feet and out and it’s tough to hit shots when there’s a guy hanging all over you, knowing your lone role in the offense is to camp out at the 3-point line and launch. The Celts’ coaching staff needs to open it up for Ray – pick and pop, let him take weaker defenders off the dribble; have him move to the rim. He can do it – he’s always been capable. He’s Ray Allen for God’s sake.

Does it bother you that team captain Paul Pierce has “Antoine Walker syndrome?” Defined: trying to take over the game when lacking the skill set to consistently do so. Also known as “getting a big dick about oneself.” Pierce is obviously a better player than Antoine at this stage in his career, but he learned the “climb on my back, guys” routine from one of the all-time great gunners. Evidenced in the first half tonight – he was obviously pumped up to exact revenge on Caron Butler – and after hitting a couple remarkable shots, he started to launch. And clank. The result: wasted possessions – the same wasted possessions we’ve seen from less-talented Celtics teams in the past. Last 5 games, Pierce has chucked up 25 threes and hit six of them. He’s averaging 4.2 turnovers.

Does it bother you that the offense looks this bad?

Does it bother you that the league is figuring out the Celtics?

Does it bother you that the Green have lost 3 of 4?


Tim said...

It's bothersome yes, but it's alright. I don't mean to sound like Johnny Optimism here, and I don't want to leave a comment longer than the post, but I just want to say personally I'm not freaked out by recent events. This loss tonight, in my eyes, was the worst of the season. I was at the game and no one saw the Wizards coming away with the victory - and they wouldn't have if Butler didn't play like the MVP candidate that he is.

But the Celtics have offensive problems right now, as you excellently point out, Fox. I trust in Pierce's recklessness more than you do (remember Shoals' piece on Pierce's role?) and I just hope that Ray Allen stops pulling a Mitch Richmond before our eyes. But the offense will bounce back, I have faith, and the defense is still great. Frankly I could hardly think of a better time to go through a tough spell. Let's just hope it's not something worse...

Anonymous said...

Does it bother you that you're an idiot? Though mostly I agree with you, this dime-store psychologizing of Pierce is freaken stoopid. The last two games he's taken fewer shots than Garnett while playing several minutes more. Garnett had two chances to put us ahead tonight and blew both shots (one of which Pierce got an offensive board to save his ass on). And on top of that, he's having to play way too many minutes.

And you really wanna say it's some insecurity about his dick that's the problem with the Cs now?

The Fox said...

Hey, I'm just not a Paul Pierce fan. Feel free to take me to task.

I read the Shoals article and didn't agree with it. Why did Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett have to "streamline" their games while Pierce gets to romp all over the place like he did when he ran the floor with the likes of Jiri Welsch and Mark Blount? Is "neutralizing weaknesses" the kind of way you talk about your team captain? Come on. Let KG loose. Let Ray do something other than serve as PP's safety net when he gets triple teamed. I want to see a creative, efficient offense - not Paul Pierce vs. The World.

The Brick said...

Fox, your off base with Pierce's taking over of the offense. He usually would have chucked up a 27 foot off balance fade away 3-pointer in the last possession tonight, but he didn't even see the ball. I thought Garnett chucking of a 3 the possession before was more like Antoine, since Garnett doesn't show 3-point range to begin with.

This team has got off track after the big Detroit win. They need to regroup and come out of this funk a better team. This team was inevitably going to hit a skid like this. Let's see how they respond after blowing a big 4th quarter lead.

Anonymous said...

Disregard what I said before, I'm an ass clown

Anonymous said...

According to the AP writeup of the game, Pierce has led the team in scoring only one time in the last eight games, which is about how long the lackadasical play has gone on. Seems like Pierce needs to shoot MORE, not less.

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