Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ah Esteban

So the Batista era is over before it began. Esteban being cut surprises me - because it seemed like he could play center, and therefore might have some value on this team. It's interesting. His departure does mean the possibility of more playing time for both Baby and Powe, which is a good thing. And the C's should be able to add a more quality big sometime during the season if needed. This route seems prudent; decent veteran help can often fall in your lap come February. Nonetheless, I was not expecting this cut. Now that it has happened expect Manuel and Jones to also be shown the door. Brandon Wallace's intriguing potential is apparently too much to pass up on; he certainly seems to have more value than Jones or Manuel. It is also worth mentioning that we are dwelling on the 14th and 15th man here, a topic often more interesting in theory than reality...but not always.

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The Fox said...

Not too surprising or disappointing here. Unfortunately, this leaves the C's with only one center in the traditional sense, Perk (Pollard having a bone bruise in his ankle already, his past injury history, and the wearing of #66 are all factors telling me this guy will RIDE the pine all year).

So now it's time to explore some of these other scenarios, like having Powe or Big Baby man the position. The truth is, these guys are simply more talented than Batista. But now the depth scares me even more.

And I may be wrong but I'd like to see Dahntay Jones be a part of this club. Say what you want about Duke, but they produce a steady stream of excellent, well-coached role players. Jones is a player who can help this team.