Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Minnesota Must Really Want Derrick Rose

The Minnesota Timberwolves' explosion of suckiness continues. Marc Stein is reporting that the Wolves are close to a deal to send Ricky Davis and Mark Blount to Miami for Antoine Walker, Michael Doleac and Wayne Simien, the latter two being guys who may or may not even play in the NBA. Seriously, Minnesota would be better off asking for the Dolphins' Trent Green than Doleac or Simien. Or maybe Gloria Estefan. In any event, sorry, Antoine. There was a period when 'Toine looked to be a perennial All-Star, and now he's basically just a cap-friendly contract. How does this happen? I mean, Antoine was always a wildly inconsistent player who made questionable choices on the court, but he's also hugely talented and clearly loves to compete. Also, Ricky Davis + Miami = Worst Idea Ever? My goodness. I also love the bit about Minnesota wanting to get rid of Mark Blount because Big Al can't stand him. I continue to respect Al's tastes.


Tim said...

I think Miami needed to make this trade. Ricky is (strangely) one of the more consistent scorers in the NBA (look what Hollinger has to say about him). Put him with Wade and Shaq and Miami could easily be the one to come out of the East. I actually think they will. Blount, despite his many flaws, gives them an outside big that could interestingly complement Shaq, Zo and Haslem. They can now play big and use two excellent halfcourt wing scorers in Wade and Davis.

Minny obviously is just dumping salary, supposedly Toine might get bought out. Needless to say it would be crazy if he ends up here.

Anonymous said...

i hope that minny buys out toines contract so he can come back to boston he would be great to back up
kevin garnett.