Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This Dickhead

While Rajon Rondo, Eddie House, Allen, and Pruitt are the point guards, Rivers said he is "scared" about how his team would adapt if there is an injury at the position this season. Without Pruitt, the Celtics even used Ray Allen at point guard in practice.

"With Gabe being out, it just shows how thin we are at the position," the coach said. "People talk about the point guard spot and talk about Rajon [as the starter]. Rajon's going to be fine. If he gets in foul trouble, or the other guys can't go, then we're thin."

-October 3, 2007
The Boston Globe

The Celtics' third point guard is rookie Gabe Pruitt. Ray Allen, who starts at shooting guard, and reserve Tony Allen also can play the point. Rivers isn't worried about the lack of a traditional veteran reserve at the position.

"We don't have a point guard-oriented offense where they are handling the ball a whole bunch," Rivers said. "I wasn't that concerned about it from Day 1."

-October 16, 2007
The Boston Globe

Glenn also says in today's article that no team has given House "a chance" to play point guard. Funny thing, but I remember Eddie playing point at junctures throughout his nomadic career. And then there is House's quote from his introductory press conference in August:

"I played point when I was with Phoenix," said House. "I played the point when I was with Sacramento. I played the point when I was with the Clippers, when I was with Miami. The whole time I played the point except for last year [with New Jersey]. People forget. It's just the latest thing on your mind is what you remember, and that's me last year playing the 2 [shooting guard], Jason [ Kidd] running the 1 [point guard], Marcus [ Williams] running the 1. People are always thinking that all I can do is shoot. That's just motivation for me, to go and show again that I can play the 1. I'm not going to bring the ball up and a dude is going to take it from me. That's not going to happen. My role is whatever Doc [ Rivers] wants me to do. If he wants me to play the 1, I'll play the 1. If he wants me to play the 2, I'll play the 2."
-August 12, 2007
The Boston Globe

Don't worry, Eddie, with Glenn in charge you might also get the chance to play the 4.

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