Friday, October 5, 2007

Can't Get Enough TA

Nancy Lane of the Herald is getting some good photos like this one, I recommend looking at the entire gallery, you feel sorry they just sent Pollard home to rehab after seeing him enjoying himself so. We're back on TA again, because the Herald (who I think actually is doing a good job this week when you take into account Baby's diary) is reporting that the C's want to extend TA sooner than later. My reaction to this is....for how much?

Resigning TA is all about making sure not to overpay him. He's restricted next summer, so no one is going to steal him away. As Nat pointed out in these pages a few months back, signing a player coming back from injury can be a great way of getting a bargain rate - if the player is healthy. Obviously Danny thinks this is the case. Yet a few things bother me. Tony's knee injury was the second significant knee injury he has had in the pros. He plays scrappy, hard, and out of control. Is this someone you want to lock up for the long term? Two serious knee injuries can't be considered mere flukes. Secondly, I am still bothered by what Jack and I have been harping on the entire week: TA is a turnover machine, and if this point guard thing is a long term idea, then count me out on an extension.

If Tony can be signed relatively cheaply, what the hell, it probably makes sense. But two knee injuries and a close brush with prison hardly makes TA a safe long term commitment.

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Anonymous said...

come on man you know he will never be a pointguard, he'll be a 6th man/backup 2 guard. A good one too.