Saturday, October 27, 2007

NBA Preview: Predicted Standings

I now bring you my sprawling predicted standings for every team in the Association, with links to all the season previews already posted, and info as to what the professional oddsmakers are thinking about each team. Jack and The Fox's predictions will be along shortly. Enjoy.

The Western Conference - a place where domination still exists

1. The Dallas Mavericks
Predicted Record: 60-22
Dallas is a team that doesn't interest me, although they will probably have the best record in basketball. Vegas Predicted Wins (VW): 56.5

2. The Phoenix Suns 58-24
I believe these guys will be holding the O'Brien trophy in June. VW: 56

3. The San Antonio Spurs 57-25
Just an awesome team, who I can't see repeating despite the fact that all signs indicate that they should. VW: 55.5

4. The Houston Rockets 55-27
The Champs in 2009, not 2008. Yao Ming wins MVP in one of the most muddled races in recent memory. VW: 53.5

5. The Utah Jazz 46-36
Only the top four teams in the West are elite. People look at the Jazz's success last year and think they will build upon it. Yet I'm leaning the other way. Boozer will probably not be as dominant (think Elton Brand last year as opposed to the year before) and he very easily could get hurt again. Okur, AK 47, Williams and Millsap are all excellent players, but I don't see Utah going over the hump without making a 2 for 1 trade that nets them a big star. I also have soured on Sloan, and would not be surprised to see bad chemistry on this year's squad. VW: 48

6. The Denver Nuggets 44-38
Similar to the Jazz in that many people expect them to make a leap. But the Nuggets have even more chemistry problems than the Jazz, and have proven the last few years that having lots of talent means little in the West. George Karl has seen his better days as a coach; and unless this team actually plays solid defense they are going to underwhelm fans this year. VW: 49

7. The Golden State Warriors 43-39
They reached spectacular heights last year in my mind, and I can only hope they have a little magic left. VW: 42

8. The New Orleans Hornets 40-42
Chris Paul leads the pesky Hornets into the playoffs. VW: 38

9. The Los Angeles Lakers 39-43
A hard team to predict, if Kobe gets traded I actually think they could end up with a better record. What a mess - I would build around Bynum, and not Kobe. VW: 43

10. The Memphis Grizzlies 35-47
A totally awesome team, we'll all be hoping they make the playoffs. VW: 33

11. The Sacramento Kings 34-48
The thing is, I always thought Eric Musselman was a good coach. I know he got a DUI and supposedly was going to strip clubs with Artest - but still, I never thought he was a bad coach. And I know Reggie Theus is supposed to be a hard worker and has that flashy smile. I guess what I'm saying is that the Kings really haven't improved at all, unless acquiring Mikki Moore and his snakes counts for something I don't know about. Bibby getting hurt isn't gonna help matters. VW: 33.5

12. The Los Angeles Clippers 30-52
Ah, now this is more of what Donald Sterling had in mind. This team is much older than the normal sub-adequate Clippers squads, but the results should be about the same. There are enough veterans to probably keep the boat slightly afloat for a while...but they'll be sinking the whole season. VW: 31

13. The Portland Trailblazers 28-54
If Brandon Roy goes down they're cooked, and Roy has a tendency to go down. Not that I feel bad for Paul Allen, they'll just end up with Derrick Rose next year. VW: 30.5

14. The Seattle Supersonics 23-59
A youthful team finding out that going in the right direction means nothing in year 1. Durant plays in only 60 games but wins Rookie of the Year. VW: 27.5

15. The Minnesota Timberwolves 17-65
Christmas came early for Ricky. Should be one of the worst teams of the past decade. VW: 20

The Eastern Conference - a generally displeasing study in parity

1. The Chicago Bulls 50-32
I've gotten a lot of flack for knocking John Paxson's vision. When all's said and done I still think this team is too young and starless to make it to the Finals. VW: 49

2. The Detroit Pistons 48-34
This could be a pretty awesome team, too bad they have the wrong coach. Second best talent in the Conference behind the C's. VW: 50

3. The Boston Celtics 47-35
Turns out Glenn Rivers isn't that good of a coach. VW: 49

4. The Cleveland Cavaliers 46-36
They looked terrible against the C's Friday night. Mike Brown, despite being a horrible coach, usually gets his guys to play solid D. The offense was disgusting last year, and the laws of sanity suggest that it has to be a little better this year. LeBron has basically been playing nonstop the last few seasons, and it might catch up to him in some form of an injury, in which case the Cavs are fucked. Expect a first round exit and Brown's subsequent firing. VW: 48.5

5. The Miami Heat 45-37
Watch Dwyane Wade absolutely decimate the Eastern Conference on the way to the Finals, where Miami falls to Phoenix four games to one. VW: 46

6. The Indiana Pacers 44-38
Apparently Vegas isn't aware that Obie is coaching the team. VW: 31.5

7. The Philadelphia 76ers 42-40
Mo Cheeks wins Coach of the Year as the Sixers surprise the naysayers. Jason Smith could be a big rookie surprise. VW: 32

8. The New Jersey Nets 41-41
Rod Thorn finally admits that he worships Satan. VW: 43.5

9. The Orlando Magic 40-42
Dwight Howard is coming into his own. Rashard Lewis should have a big year if he is healthy. Stan Van Gundy is a damn good coach. All these things considered, and I still don't feel great about this team. Maybe it's their lack of bigs aside from Howard. VW: 46.5

10. The Milwaukee Bucks 39-43
You'd think Mike Redd, Andrew Bogut, Mo Williams, Charlie Villanueva and Bobby Simmons would be enough to get you into the playoffs. Actually, maybe you wouldn't. VW: 35.5

11. The Toronto Raptors 39-43
It is a unique thrill to watch these guys, particularly when it is all flowing well. That said I don't see it all working, especially if Bosh misses much time. VW: 42

12. The Washington Wizards 39-43
Ernie Grunfeld has run out the same team the last few years, and it's about time he got criticized more strongly for it. Gilbert and Jamison are playing for new contracts, but I doubt that will make them better defensively. VW: 40

13. The New York Knickerbockers 35-47
You can contextualize, you can analyze, you can observe. But you cannot comprehend. We are heading towards a very special 35 win season. VW: 36.5

14. The Atlanta Hawks 34-48
There are many more foolish things you can do as a GM than offer Josh Smith a max contract come next summer. Everybody should be able to appreciate this guy some. VW: 38

15. The Charlotte Bobcats 32-50
Last in the Conference with 32 wins, now that's parity. I was almost ready to ride the Sam Vincent bandwagon before May and Morrison's injuries, but now I'm afraid I'm off. Felton, Richardson, Wallace, Herrmann and Okafor make up a pretty awesome five, though. They could very conceivably win the Southeast with this much parity, and that is pretty amazing. And probably disturbing. VW: 35


Tim said...

Jackie Butler and John Lucas are reportedly about to be cut. Hmmm...Butler particularly is intriguing, and I always liked Lucas. Also Juwan Howard is getting bought out.

The Fox said...

Juwan Howard is getting bought out in Minny but not 'Toine?

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