Monday, October 1, 2007

Turning Over TA

The news that Glenn is planning on using Tony Allen as the backup point guard is hardly surprising, yet it is mildly unsettling to me. First off, the great success that Ainge mentioned Tony having when he played point guard a few years ago was totally lost on me, although I am certain I watched those games. I have the feeling my forgetfulness has less to do with my memory and more to do with the probable fact that Tony at PG wasn't exactly spectacular. So I think that it is a bit of a leap for Ainge and Glenn just to assume that TA will be a capable point guard.

That said, Tony really doesn't have to be that capable of a point, if Rondo or any of the triumvirate are on the floor with him. All four of those guys are excellent playmakers. However if the second unit mentioned in today's papers is all on the court together (TA, House, Posey, Scal and Powe) then the playmaking onus falls on Tony.

My main concern with TA at the point is turnovers. This tends to get swept under the rug, because he played so well in January, but Tony was absolutely horrendous at the start of last season. He was a turnover machine. When I see TA play I never am one to use the word "conservative". And with as many efficient weapons as the C's have, it would be a shame to see Tony consistently give up the ball before a shot can even be put up.

That is why I am presently a little more keen on having Eddie play the point; House hardly ever turns the ball over. Of course, he doesn't have the playmaking abilities of Tony, either. But I'm cool with Eddie just bringing the rock up and then sitting back until an open shot comes his way. That seems more palatable than seeing TA drive in the lane against two defenders and have the ball bounce off his knee, all while KG is posting up with good position four feet from the basket.

I echo Jack's sentiment that TA can play a crucial role on this team. His high energy and intense defense could very well make him more valuable than James Posey. But let's stop before we just accept the fact that he is the backup point guard. A more appropriate role for TA could be one where he does more by having the ball in his hands less.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, too many turnovers man. Apple or blueberry?

The Fox said...

I'm horrified by the backup point guard situation.

Tony Allen in any sort of point guard role will result in a league-high ratio of turnovers/48 minutes. Take that to the bank.

Eddie House is far less skilled than Delonte West at bringing up the rock. Why didn't the Celtics just bring Troy Bell back to Boston? He's another spot-up shooter they can try and make into a playmaker. Sweet.

Thank goodness the C's can distract everyone from this glaring weakness by posting KG, Allen, and Pierce all over every possible media outlet. Go, three-man team, go!!

Anonymous said...

Eddie house is a good bckup pg. HE could DEFINITELY play the Damon Jones role from shaqs first year with the heat when they were 1 win and a wade injury from the finals and a 59 win team. Damon Jones was their fulltime pg and rasual butler and michael doleac were bigtime roleplayers. Plus unproven unknown haslem and old diminished eddie jones...... anyways, the Celts are gonna be a MONSTER. Eddie House has proven in the past himself as a good backup point that is highly capable of filling that role for a contender when he did it for the suns in their conference finals run in 06. He is just like Damon Jones and can play that role even as the starting PG with all the talent in our lineup, he is actually a very good fit in our lineup aside the core 3 superstars. Thats all it is the Derek Fisher/Damon Jones role: Bring the ball up, get the ball to the stars/playmakers, make a few plays, make your open shots, and try on defense. Thats it and he's very capable of that.

So I agree Tony Allen shouldnt be the backup pg. I agreee with everything you said on that.

But I think our backup PG situation is GOOD with Eddie House. He is a good fit for that role, even if rondo didnt work out i would be fine with House at pg in our lineup fulltime playing that role i talked about..... but rondo is awesome and its much better this way. So yeah, we're good man, hopefully no T.A. at point though, put eddie there.... pruitt is the new delonte too and good for 3rd string..... cant wait for the year.

Derek said...

here's one thing i like about Glen (relatively speaking):

The Fox said...

Eddie House is a poor, poor, poor man's version of Derek Fisher.