Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Raining on the Parade

So last night the Celtics suffered a measure of payback for that 40-point rout of the Knicks last week, losing at MSG, 94-87. This sort of feels like the first real loss of the preseason, since Saturday's defeat came with Pierce and Garnett in street clothes. It was actually a pretty interesting game to watch, since it highlighted a couple areas of potential improvement that had been easy to miss in the earlier, easier games.

-For all the hand-wringing over the point guard situation, this team's lack of size and low-post presence might be an even bigger question mark (Sean the Fox has been all over this one). Perk sat out last night and the C's were absolutely screwed down low for most of the game. It wasn't pretty, and if Perk ends up with some nagging injury like the ones that have plagued him in past seasons, numerous games will be lost on account of this deficiency. Again, I'm not sure why we cut Batista.

-Scal needs to play better. Tim astutely mentioned in his last post that Scal's going to get a lot of run this year, and judging from last night, he's going to get a lot of open looks as well. Also judging from last night, he might drive C's fans crazy with his spotty ability to capitalize on these situations. Early in last night's game Scal received multiple feeds from Garnett for wide open looks on the perimeter, and missed most of them badly. I'm honestly not sure if Scal is used to getting so many shots, but there needs to be more consistency, because guys like him and Rondo and Posey are going to be the ones that other teams dare to beat them.

Obviously it was just pre-season, so we need to take all this for what it's worth, which might be nothing. Everyone knew the Knicks were a much better team than the one that lost by 40 the other night, so that probably has something to do with it. Still, this was the first game in which your 2007-2008 Celtics looked like a highly-beatable team, and that alone made this one an interesting watch.


Tim said...

Yeah, you summed up my negative thoughts. Posey looked bad at power forward, it was some kind of cruel joke playing him at the 4 against the Knick's front line. Posey should probably only play the 4 against a team like the Suns, where he would be guarding a player like Marion. To have him guard Z-Bo is nuts. I don't feel that good about Posey right now, and I definitely don't want him at power forward.

Last night was a perfect example of why Powe should get more burn than Scal. Powe actually brings some size and toughness down low, Scal does not. Interesting game, once again the second unit look pallid.

Anonymous said...

Agree with the Powe comment. He missed a couple bunnies, but busts his butt and never gives up.

Loved KG's dunk after Nate Rob was tugging on his jersey...

Anonymous said...

Last night Powe looked very undersized in the paint. He was stuffed nearly every time he got the ball inside and tried to power his way up, certainly not for lack of trying. Maybe it's why I love the guy. Still maybe they should work on a mid-range offensive arsenal for him.

Anonymous said...

The only problem and only reason we lost to the knicks was the lack of perk (besides of course that the knicks were out for revenge playing like a playoff game and the celts werent trying until midway thru the third quarter). KG can only lock down on one of those 300 pounders, perk or at least pollard is NEEDED to lock down on the other.On offense it doesnt matter much because KG dominates down low anyways, but having Perk to pass to for a dunk when his man leaves him is much better than scal at the 3 point line, although scal does pull the big out and give more room to work, kind of. Kind of because Perk is running around setting screens and doesnt get in the way of KG operating down low, in a single coverage KG scores 9 out of 10 times, and if the double comes he finds the open man every time.

All in all its preseason, and the team is a GREAT team, theyre basically a western powerhouse dropped out east into the titanic division. (Im not a boston fan, I dont like boston, but I did get league pass to watch this team), Theyre gonna be a powerhouse, its hilarious that some of you are actually nervous. I will admit that the only reason there would be to be nervous is if indeed Perk and Pollard both are out. Otherwise the Knicks have no chance even if they do play twice as hard. Prepare to win the East, at least Boston. And jeesh, be happy for once. This is the celtics, the winningest franchise in NBA history, the quintessential champion, and they just landed the best 7 footer in the league besides Tim Duncan and put the best team around him that he has ever had, with a core of 2 superstars and he's never even had 1 to play with. They are LOADED, and they are BACK, as they should be, its the celtics. Not the redsox, be happy and be a CELTIC fan, that means arrogant and knowing its a matter of time til youre in the finals. Which IS the truth, look at your team and then look at the east, you know its the truth.

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