Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm not gonna get waxy like the other night, but wow. It is hard to imagine the Green not putting together a double digit win streak since '86, but so it is. Seriously, though, the Celtics are just one reason to be impressed right now. There's so much more to think about. Houston has won twenty straight fucking games. I didn't want to jinx the Rockets by talking about it (at least till next Tuesday), but this is some unbelievable stuff. I was all over Adelman at the beginning of the year, and was totally wrong. My Lord, what beautiful basketball they are playing - McGrady is perhaps better than anyone right now, which is a loaded statement these days. These did it ever get this good? The 2007-08 season has been nothing short of miraculous, with seemingly another great story coming every week. I mean just tonight you have the two streaking teams, the Hornets pulling within one win of the Spurs by pasting them by 25, and LeBron going for his basic 42-11-7 insanity. And the Raptors-Warriors game is about to get under way. This is certainly the best regular season I can remember...

What's nice and encouraging about the Celtics' streak is the ordinariness of it; they aren't playing amazingly well, they're just beating teams plain and fair. Ray has been on fire (actually all of the Triumvirate have been) and that really lightens my mood. At the beginning of the season we were unclear what the offensive pecking order was going to be. Then it became evident Ray was third on the totem pole, and his play dictated that he be placed no higher. But recently something new has appeared. Ray's usage is still comparatively low, nothing like in his past seasons, but he is hitting everything. In short, Ray has become supremely efficient. No one is asking him to score 25 every game - we'd all rather he get 18 the way he did tonight, on 8 of 10 shooting.

Perhaps Ray is in a zone and will drop back out of it. But this is the Allen we were all expecting, and maybe just now he is truly getting comfortable on the offensive end. If he can keep up this potency for the rest of the season the Celtics will have a legit Big Three. All of them are now shooting the ball very well. Compounded with their great defense, the only holdup for the C's could be turning the ball over too much. It's easy to play mistake-free games against crappy opponents in March. It's harder against Detroit. But don't let that bother you, right now everything is clicking, and there is little to find bothersome.

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