Friday, March 28, 2008

Saint Tom

Really, there hasn't been enough written about Tom Thibodeau this year. Yes, he has gotten a lot of credit for the Celtics' amazing defense, but honestly he deserves more. That's why it was nice to be able to actually read an in-depth interview with Thibodeau recently; I highly recommend it. My feeling (non-surprisingly)is that much of great coaching this year comes directly from Tom. While Glenn has exceeded my wildest expectations, there is no way the defense would be as good without Thibodeau's guiding hand. I'm very afraid of what next year will look like sans the defensive guru, who certainly deserves whatever head coaching job he gets this summer. My dream scenario is the Bulls poaching Rivers away and Ainge handing the keys over to Tom. But that is unlikely to happen. A situation like that is the only way Rivers can be ceremoniously removed and Thibodeau remain. So bring on the hate, Glenn-lovers. We all know who's doing the real x and o coaching night in and night out.