Thursday, March 6, 2008

Can't Get It Out Of My Head

Sorry to carve it into the ground excessively, but that was a great fucking game last night. I recommend not over-analyzing the final score, but goodness gracious - what a show. As Jack has already clarified, there has been no Celtics' game this season that even came close to matching the ferment of these 48 minutes. "Playoff level intensity" is a cliche we all fall back on, partly out of laziness and partly because we wish the playoffs would get here sooner, but last night easily lived up to such a billing. Actually the level of play often seemed superior to many playoff games. And I'm not just talking about first round yawners, I mean Conference Final nailbiters. This showdown was nothing like the first two between the C's and the Pistons; it took us to a whole other level, and in a way it horrified me with it's bristling immediacy.

So you won't presently hear me talk about how Ray only scored three points or how Leon only played 93 seconds (though these guys will.) The contest was just too intense for me to give a shit about that stuff right now. I see a Celtics-Pistons series as being brutal in the manner Pacers-Pistons was prior to the brawl. Suspenseful, grind-out terror that is extremely well-executed. If KG leads by example as well as he did last night (maybe his finest moment with Boston so far) I have to give the C's an edge. We'll see if the expected rematch even comes to fruition in May, but in the very least these squads gave us this masterpiece...

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