Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin Go Bragh!

Better late than never for some world-class St. Patrick's Day hijinks from your unceasingly amazing Boston Celtics. This had to have been one of the best games of the season thus far--though it seems like we've been saying that a lot lately--as the C's fought their way out of an early 22-point hole to forcefully snatch one from the reigning World Champion Spurs, in San Antonio, no less. The final was 93-91, though it somehow managed to feel even closer, and considering Ray Allen was MIA you couldn't have asked for a better outcome if you're a Celtics fan: this was one of those games that gives you the feeling that maybe there's something special about this season, something beautiful, something bigger than all of us... but I get ahead of myself.

First things first: this was the first game that the real Sam Cassell showed his devilish face, and it was a sight to see. Sam I Am poured in 17 points in 27 minutes, including one three pointer that was certainly testicle-dance material (Sam refrained). Even more impressive than Cassell was his new running buddy Rajon Rondo, who scored 20 points to go with 6 boards and... well... alright, we'll say it... outplayed Tony Parker. KG added 21 and Paul Pierce was the high man with 22, and generally speaking this one was just an all-around barn-burner.

There's more to say here but it's hard to get too comfortable when you've got the downright-historic Houston Rockets looming for tomorrow night. That one's on TNT and I believe it's a 9:30 start, so get ready to stay up late. Last I checked Houston had won a handful of games in a row... you may have heard something about it. I've caught a couple of their more recent games and I've gotta say, while most of me--not even all of me--hopes they lose tomorrow night, they're an absolute joy to watch. If the C's beat them we're part of history, if the C's lose to them, well, same thing. From a pure basketball fandom standpoint there's not a whole lot of downside to this one, and I gotta say my heart skips a little to see Dikembe out there wagging that finger like a young pup. But nothing gold can stay, so let's meet again tomorrow night and do this.