Saturday, December 22, 2007

And... We're Back

The C's wrecked the team formerly known as the Chicago Bulls last night, 107-82. I'm not sure exactly how the Bulls got so bad so quickly (it can't all be Ben Wallace, can it?), but they seem intent on keeping it that way, and last night was no exception. The C's rebound from that icky Detroit loss with another rout, making them 13-1 at the Garden. Paul Pierce verily blew up in the 3rd quarter, going for 15 and shooting 4-4 from long range. I dunno, all in all it was a satisfying win... not much more to say than that. Dwight Howard and Co. come to town on Sunday, which should be a great one, and we're all looking forward to Tim and Dwight's series of debates on the cultural semiotics and social construction of the NBA center position. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday weekend.