Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Beat Goes On

It wasn't operatic, but the C's won again this afternoon, against the Bron-less Cavs, 80-70. Even with Bronzi wearing a medallioned jacket, and even with Mike Brown pacing the opposing sidelines; it was still nice to hold a team to 70 points. It has a way of covering up offensive mistakes. The most points the Celtics have allowed this year is 109, and that game went to OT. I never would have thought such things possible a month ago. But by now we are used to defensive dominance, and we are used to excellent ball movement, and when you have these two things going for you success is sure to follow. I'm not gonna complain about victories until the Celtics start losing more consistently. Right now they are just too good to loudly bitch about. What we saw last year in terms of losing we are now seeing in terms of winning. I dare say I'm getting a little blase with some of these wins - when the C's handle an inferior opponent and do not play at a high level I'm restless; how could I become so spoiled this quickly? The Celtics meteoric rise the past six months is hard to comprehend; you just have to go with it because it's so unusual, and I can't help but think I might stammer in disbelief when describing the events that transpired to those who weren't around to see the turnabout themselves...

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