Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Ray Will Play

Ray Allen will play against Detroit, according to the team website and a zillion other sources. This is great news: even if he's not at full strength, Ray still commands a level of honesty from the defense that, let's face it, Tony Allen et al just don't. This isn't to bash the C's supporting cast, obviously, who've played great in #20's absence, just stating the fact that in the battle of Allens, Ray > Tony.

Speaking of Tonys, Mr. Massarotti of the Herald has a surprisingly long fluff piece on the inimitable Glenn Rivers today (and when I say "fluff" I fully intend its pornier connotations). It's generally a pretty dull article but contains an amusing anecdote about several Celtics bench players laughing last season when the Garden crowd started one of its "Fire Doc" chants. I'm guessing none of those guys are on the team anymore--seriously, who the hell is from last year's squad--but I'm guessing one of them was Telfair... he always seemed like a dick.

This is a pretty boring post but what can I say, I'm just really excited for the game tonight. Go C's!


Tim said...

Massarotti shows again that he knows little about basketball; this Rivers apologia stuff is plain disgusting - him being a nice and personable guy has nothing to do with how badly he fucked up "the talent given to him" in the three years prior to this one. Great, Danny stayed with him, but Glenn ain't ever gonna be Hubie fucking Brown.
Horseshit "company line" material.

In other "rain on the parade news", I think tonight's game means not all that much; the C's can lose by 20 and I'll still think they are better than the Pistons. But like you said yesterday Jack, I don't see the Celtics losing tonight. Sorry I'm so grouchy, I just can't believe I'm gonna have to read puff articles like that on Glenn the rest of the year.

Tim said...

Oh, also Grasshopper was released, we're down to 13 on the roster, that's flexibility for you.