Monday, December 31, 2007

La-La La La

So we are about to commence a new year and things couldn't taste much sweeter than they do right now. 26 and 3 with last night's rousing win over the Lakers, and if anything the road trip showed that the Celtics are perhaps better than we thought. This game had all three of the Triumvirate playing like All-Stars, and when that happens you have to like your chances. I can laud the Big Three through the roof, but lets focus on Mr. Tony Allen for a second. Tony was Good TA last night, and what a glorious sight it was to behold. Without Rondo to hold down the fort Tony stepped up in the manner all of us were eagerly hoping he would this season. I harken back to Jack's early positive predictions concerning TA, and now we get to see what it means. TA in attacking mode is a beautiful arrow to have in your belt. Now the fact that he is playing "point guard" is kind of funny, and he still is a turnover waiting to happen, but if his strong attributes are used like last night you better look out, because the C's all of a sudden have a hell of a bench. TA's productiveness coupled by Ray Allen's savviness make the backup point guard spot no longer my main area of concern. For those of you who haven't noticed, Ray is the only other player on the roster who can remotely resemble a true point guard. His play last night exemplified that.

If I am to have my druthers (and somehow I always find them), I would say they would have to do with the center position. In the same way that Jack is right about TA, it is very possible that Fox is right about Perk. Many of us are quite annoyed with Perk's less than beastly moves around the box of late. I'm not saying he is a huge problem, but the fact that he is the only real center on the roster is a reason for concern. Pollard isn't doing enough presently to be considered a legitimate part of the equation. So bring in a big before you bring in a point. Let's get some beef up front. Happy New Year's, hopefully more of the same for the start of '08.


billy the kid said...

you're in poor company pat

Anonymous said...

Doc and Danny are trying to figure out what they have. We now know it'll be ok if Ray or Rondo go down for a game. Not so sure if KG or Paul were out if the team would do as well.

Mason said...

LOL, as a huge C's fan and father of a 21 month old, I thought your title would lead to "LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA, KG's World!" (anyone who has ever watched Elmo will get it).