Saturday, December 8, 2007

Murderers' Row

Listen, I don't think any team is playing better than the C's. And I thought that before Duncan got hurt. We are not seeing normal dominance here. The Celtics killed the Raptors last night, and they've been doing demolitions of this sort the whole year. Hollinger in his chat glibly said 70 wins was actually possible, and you can see why. The point differential is still absurd, and the type of damage they regularly inflict on decent teams like the Raptors is awe-inspiring. We were talking about the Mavs during the regular season last year, the Pistons two years ago, and now it's the C's who become the focus. The two aforementioned teams didn't win the title. Hopefully that can be corrected this time.


Anonymous said...

I agree that the C's are very very good. But Toronto without Bosh or Bargnani is not a "decent" team. At home against that group of Raptors, anything less than a blowout would have been pretty unimpressive.

Tunez said...

agreed 100%... not to take away from the Celtics, but a team missing 2 of it's biggest contributors, one of which is the franchise player, is hardly a "decent" team.

The Fox said...

To get 70 wins? 55-10 here on out.

To get 60 wins? 45-20 here on out.

Last year's Jazz team started 12-2 and finished 51-31.

They're better than the Jazz were, sure - but you're looking at a schedule where you have to play the Pistons 3 times, the Spurs, Mavs, Suns, Jazz, Rockets, Magic and Hornets twice. You've got the Lakers, Nuggets, and Warriors on the road.

If anything they're extremely lucky to be in the Eastern Conference, where they can regularly demolish Philly and an injury-riddled Toronto team.

Anonymous said...

Well, the west has Twolves and Seattle to be up on don't they? LOL