Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Good Heavens

I can't write much, since I'm on my way to a mass wedding of dogs and cats, but apparently Glenn Rivers has been named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month for November. I guess this isn't too surprising, since the Celtics went 13-2 in November... but who are we kidding, it's absolutely goddamn stunning. Congratulations, Glenn. You owe Garnett a steak dinner, at the very least.


The Brick said...

Chew on that Timmy Headband!
Doc for Coach of the Year!

Tim said...

The crazy thing is he'll probably win coach of the year if things keep up as they are. Told you SI is always right about their predictions.

The Fox said...

Article #1 in the Defense's Case for Doc Rivers.

Go Celts!

Tim said...