Saturday, December 1, 2007

Eastern Dominance

I think it'd be crazy to be upset with the C's for losing that big lead last night. They played great for three quarters, and were able to withstand Miami getting it closer than seven. In terms of impressive victories, this is right up there. Glenn curtailed the bench bigtime (Scal only six minutes thankfully, Baby none at all) and it paid off. Boston is a damn good team. You get worried for tough road games, or back to back contests - and then the Celtics go out there and run all over the opponent anyway. Only excellent clubs do that. I don't want to hear anything about the paltry schedule thus far - the C's are the cream of the East. Without Glenn screwing up grandly and no major injuries I don't see any reason this team can't win 60 games. I know I am uttering what might at this moment seem obvious, but it needs to be said anyway. I don't think Orlando is in the Celtics' class. And surely no one else in the East can even be compared to Boston. In the playoffs, because of matchups (a euphemism for Glenn fucking up) you could see an upset, but the Celtics should be in the Finals. I don't think Orlando can continue on a .778 clip, so let's try to stop playing Ray 40 minutes a night. It's time to admit that what we were hoping for is true.


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